Gaia Cares offers integrated, innovative and holistic care and wellness services to create a positive impact in the lives of Chinese seniors and other older adults and their caregivers. We offer emotional support for those facing the often challenging process of caregiving and provide information and resources on a range of health and aging topics to the community.

Physical and Mental Fitness

Chair Yoga

Join us for Chair Yoga to strengthen your balance and flexibility, and improve your blood circulation and ability to focus and concentrate. Yoga is an ancient practice, estimated to be 4,000 to 5,000 years old. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yug,” which means to unite. Specifically, it is the unity of body, mind and spirit. The practice of yoga includes breathing exercises, physical poses and meditation to help combat stress and improve concentration.

Fuel the Brain Morning Exercise

Join us for Chi Kung (Qigong) classes that will help fuel your brain! This ancient Chinese exercise is known for cultivating and improving physical and mental health through exercises that involve meditation, controlled breathing, and movement. Qigong classes will leave you energized, able to achieve a sense of calmness, and feeling connected to a community.

Emotional Wellbeing

Care2smart Webinar and Support Group

In these monthly programs, we invite professionals from diverse health disciplines to present one-hour webinars on a range of

caregiving and healthy aging topics to support you and your loved ones. In the week following the webinar, we host a one-hour support group session to follow up on discussions. The support group is a safe and supportive environment for you and your loved ones to reflect on the information and share your personal struggles and experiences. It is a great way to relieve stress, gain practical knowledge, and connect with others.

Social Effectiveness Training (SET)

We all need a break sometimes, but saying no to caregiving can seem like an impossible task for many caregivers. The result of not saying no leads to feeling stressed and exhausted. In this six-week interactive training, you will learn about assertiveness, an effective interpersonal skill that will help you establish respectful boundaries and achieve your goals. By learning to be assertive, you will increase your self-confidence and self-esteem, gain a better understanding of human behaviour, and improve your social interactions with loved ones.

Caregivers' Wellspring Program Nourish to Flourish Seminar & Discussion Group

It is said that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Taking care of an older loved one often takes a physical and emotional toll on your wellbeing. It is as important to take care of yourself as it is to care for your loved one. In this program, we provide a safe environment for caregivers like you to relieve stress, learn practical coping skills, and strengthen your abilities through the support of peers. Remember, you are not alone, and others are waiting to share their journey with you!

Seeds of Hope

In this program family caregivers discover a safe, supportive environment in which they can express their concerns and offer mutual, emotional support to others on their caregiving journey. Through the sharing of experiences, participants discuss potential solutions to a variety of common caregiving challenges and find renewed strength in overcoming them.

Diet and Nutrition

"The Gaia Cares Program on Food and Nutrition Webinar Series is proudly sponsored by BC Milk"

Healthy Eating for Older Adults

Nutritional needs change as we age. In this series, our nutritionist will offer helpful tips on making better food choices to strengthen your immunity and improve your health as a senior. Learn how to choose the right condiments and foods to boost your immune system, how to use antiviral herbs and ways to build a balanced nutrition for healthy aging.

Wise Food Choices for Brain Nourishment

You are what you eat. A good-quality diet can have a positive impact on your brain health. Through this seminar series, you will build your knowledge of wise food choices to support optimal brain health and personal wellness. You will be introduced to healthy foods from a diverse range of cultures, sample healthy food options, and share proven recipes. 

Eat Play Love

In this program, you will learn from our horticultural therapist how to use gardening activities to enhance mental and physical health and cognitive functioning of individuals living with chronic disease. In particular, you will learn how to make eco-friendly products, how to prepare simple and low-cost nutritious meals, tips for growing herbs, and other information gardening at home and in the community. This series of workshops is designed for those who are dealing with chronic diseases or early stages of cognitive decline and their caregivers.

Cognitive Health

Brain Smart, Community Smart

Through this series of workshops, participants access a variety of resources to learn how to improve their brain health. Sessions include brain games to boost memory, activities to keep your brain active, best food choices for optimal brainpower, and community resources you can access to learn more about brain health.

Get Moving for Brain Health

In this interactive workshop, participants learn how to maintain and improve their brain functions through the ABCD’s of brain health: being ACTIVE socially and physically, maintaining positive BELIEFS, being ready for CHANGE, and following a healthy DIET.


Gaia Community Care Team

Do you like what we do and want to help? The Gaia Community Care Team (GCCT) is designed for compassionate individuals like you who care about the wellbeing of older adults in our community. In this volunteer orientation and training session, you will learn basic skills about caring for older adults, and gain knowledge about services and resources in our community that are available for older adults. In gaining practical skills and experience as a GCCT member, you will be able to help promote Gaia Cares programs, services and information resources in your community.

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