As COVID-19 gathering restrictions are lifted, we are pleased to deliver more of our workshops and programs in person. Below are some of the photos captured during the events.

Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival at Golden Age Court and Grace Christian Chapel Sep 2022

Adult Day Program at Grace Neighborhood Centre August 2022

Walk with Joy - Fall Prevention Series - Senior Outing to Whiterock, B.C. August 2022 (Funded by New Horizons for Seniors Program)

Walk with Joy - Fall Prevention Series - at Golden Age Court July 2022 (Funded by New Horizons for Seniors Program)

Rice Donation in Chinatown SROs and Chinese Community Library August 2022

Free Haircut for Seniors in Chinatown SROS since Apr 2022

Beginner Table Tennis Class for Seniors and Caregivers May-July 2022 (Partnership with Grace Christian Chapel )

Volunteer Training Sessions and Appreciation Ceremony Apr-Jun 2022

Spring Celebration Luncheon 2022

Gaia Cares hosted the Spring Celebration Luncheon on March 4, 2022 at Floata Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown. Over the past two years many vulnerable seniors suffered from isolation during the pandemic. To encourage them to re-connect with the community, Gaia Cares invited over 150 low-income seniors from the Chinatown neighborhood to a free luncheon with traditional Chinese performances including lion dance, Cantonese Opera and Lucky Draw. We even had a “God of Fortune” dressed in full custom to hang out red packets to each senior. In addition, many prominent government officials were also in attendance to show their support. Below please find some of the photos capturing this meaningful event.

Outreach Programs and Services at Golden Age Court in Chinatown since March 2022

Beginner Chair Yoga on March 8, 2022

Health and Wellness from a TCM Perspective on March 15, 2022

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