Caregiving can be rewarding as well as emotionally and physically demanding. Increasing your knowledge, insight, and essential skills can help you achieve caregiving success as well as positive health and wellbeing. Gaia Cares’ online library includes webinar recordings, download materials, and learning videos* to support your caregiving journey. Enjoy.  

*Learning videos courtesy of Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care. All copyrights reserved.

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5 Common Myths on Food


Behavior Management for Seniors

Cognitive Training Tool for Senior

Managing Falls in the Senior Population (Cantonese)

Managing Falls in the Senior Population (Mandarin)

Assisted Feeding Techniques

Caregiver’s Happy Life


Effective Communication with Dementia Patient (Environmental)

Busting the Myths about Dementia

Understanding the Symptoms of Dementia

Long Term Care

Making Long Term Care Home as a Home 

Planning For Long Term Care (Mandarin)

Long Term Care Insurance


Creating a Positive Mindset Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness and Self-care

Maintaining a Positive Mood

Music for Relaxation

Stress Management & Mindfulness for Caregivers

Nutrition and Diet

Smart Diet Sharp Brain

| Recipes |

Joint Health 101

| Recipes |

Diet and COVID 19

7 Healthy Breakfasts for All-Day Energy

3 Ways to Keep a Healthy Diet for Longevity

Good Guts, Good Health

Pamper Your Liver, Liver Pampers You

Presented with generous support from BC’s Dairy Farmers

Healthy Eating for Older Adults Seminar Series

Seminar #1: Learn how to Choose Rice and Oil

Seminar #2: Learn how to Strengthen Immunity

Seminar #3: Understanding Antiviral Herbs

Seminar #4: Balanced Nutrition for Healthy Aging

Canada Food Guide 2019

Spice Up Your Health 55+

Physical Health

Information on Covid-19 Vaccine – Dr. Joseph Wong

Helping Caregivers Identify Cataracts

Age-Related Macular

Understanding Constipation and Diet

Exercise for Balance and Strength

Adapting Exercise in the Home Environment

Incontinence: The Psychosocial Impact


Understanding More about Sleep Patterns


Financial Planning and Insurance for Seniors and Caregivers

Information on Funeral Preparation

Introduction to Better at Home Program for Seniors

Preparation for Retirement


Train-The-Trainer Peer Leaders’ Sharing:

Elder Abuse Awareness

Bathroom Safety

Older Adults’ Home Safety Tips – Kitchen

Lifting & Transfer Techniques


Tips for Preventing Caregiver Burnout

Wellness Talks: Bereavement Support

Finding Peace in Grief and Loss

Managing Caregiving Stress and Anxiety

Memory Book For Seniors

My Caregiving Journey

Wellness Talks: The Art of Happy Caregiving

Wellness Talks: The Art of Happy Caregiving

Self-Care for Caregivers (English)

Self-Care for Caregivers

Self Care Tips for Caregivers

Social Effectiveness Training

Cultivating Resilience in Uncertain Times (PDF Only)