Gaia Community Care and Wellness Society (GCCWS), a charitable society set up in 2018, supports Chinese and other ethnic seniors and family caregivers in Greater Vancouver. Under its Board’s direction, GCCWS aims to effectively help ease the stresses of aging and caring for seniors, by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate community-based services, and advancing education in health and wellness and specialized training for family and community caregivers. Through instructional seminars, courses, and workshops, GCCWS helps participants explore the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills that families and caregivers need to provide compassionate care for seniors. Programs and services cover a range of topics that build an understanding of age-related issues and enable participants to develop skills and strategies to cope with the complexities of caregiving.

If you are interested in a career at GCCWS, please review the available opportunities in our Job Openings section below:

Job Openings

Position: Program Coordinator/Manager

Closing Date: October 16, 2020

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Richmond

Reports To: Executive Director

About This Position:

Programs are currently GCCWS’s core activities. The Program Coordinator/Manager is responsible for the overall aspects of GCCWS’s programs, which include the assessment of the needs in the community, seeking grant/funding and partnership opportunities for programs, program development, program delivery, program evaluations and reports.

This offer is now closed.

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