“Our government is so committed to supporting Gaia and to supporting seniors to be healthy at home”

David Eby, Premier of BC

Photo credit: Vicky Kwan

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Welcome to

Gaia Community Care and Wellness Society!

We are committed to helping seniors, and their families manage the often-challenging process of aging.

Come and explore our programs and services designed to support you and the ones you love.

How Seniors Service Practitioner provide culturally appropriate service

The shortage of Culturally Appropriate service for Chinese seniors

(Caption translated by Judy Mok)

Setting Up a net on Balcony to avoid bird droppings

Gaia Cares featured on Fairchild TV program “Magazine 26” on Aging

Featured Events

Charting New Paths Forward: Strategies for Realizing Aging In Place for Ethnocultural Seniors

Gaia Cares believes that "Aging in Place" is crucial for the physical and mental well-being of the seniors, community development, and economic efficiency. In order to enrich relevant discussions, we will hold a seminar titled "Charting New Paths Forward: Strategies for Realizing Aging in Place for Ethnocultural Seniors" . We now invite the public to participate in this seminar, to exchange experiences and knowledge together.

Regular Programs and Services

Seniors Community Hub

Age Well at Home -

Outreach Support Services to Help Seniors Aging in Place

Joyful Living at Golden Age -

Holistic Home-Based Support for Aging in Place

Fall Prevention Videos and Community Education

Seniors All-Round Development Adult Day Program

Gaia Cares Kitchen - Healthy Cooking and Eating

Latest Recap

Highlights of Dragon Boat Festival at ADP

Positive feedback on new Seniors Community Hub

Mayor Ken Sim's visit to Golden Age Court covered by Omni TV news 5/17/2024

Mayor Ken Sim's visit to Golden Age Court covered by Fairchild TV news 5/17/2024

Highlights of Fall Prevention Awareness Day in Burnaby 5/11/2024


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